Email Marketing Critical Success Factors



Email Marketing is one of the most popular way or method for marketing, but some users struggle with it because they do not know how they can make their email marketing successful provided people get to know them.

It contains many important things to make Email Marketing Successful.

Following are some important tips to know about Email Marketing success:

  • Data Quality: You should ensure your contact database only includes people who are fully opted-in. It is easy to think you can email anyone, but in both b2c and b2b environments you actually need permission to send an email communication.
  • Effective Segmentation: It is often tempting to broadcast an email message to a large database in the belief that greater numbers will improve performance. This is rarely the case and you will achieve greater performance through highly targeted data segments. This will ensure your content is more relevant to each specific audience.
  • Strong Creative: Email marketing as with any communications medium relies on good content to be effective. This is both copy with strong calls to action and design. When it comes to the design if you are using HTML keep it simple, with at least one call to action above the fold.
  • Landing Page: Email marketing effectiveness has as much to do with the campaign landing page as it does the creative of the email. It is therefore crucial the landing page is properly  optimized to receive traffic.
  • Integrated Communications: Email marketing is well documented to work more effectively when integrated with other communications.
  • Performance Metrics: The easy metrics to measure are open and click through rates, bounce rate and unsubscribes.

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  1. The success of an email campaign can always be increased by testing. Testing can be done by using A/B split tests on the subject line, content, call to action wordings, etc.