How Email Marketing Is Beneficial For Small Business

Email Marketing for SMBs

Many people wonder how email marketing is important for businesses, how it can help to grow business, how it can boost the sales and if you wonders the same you are not alone.

Like any business owner or in general you want to know the benefits of email marketing for small business. There are lots of benefits but one of the important reason to use email marketing is its return on investment (ROI). According to a survey you get 40 bucks for every 1 buck you spend that is one of the highest ROI for any other type of marketing.


Let’s take a look at some more benefits of Email Marketing and how it can help your business.

It can help to increase sales: By sharing your business information through email you help your targeted audience (customer) to get detail knowledge about your product/service and they would get to know the value of your product/service. The best way to increase sales is by sending a variety of email to the customers, few of them are as under

   New product arrival email: Through this, you can inform your customers about the launch/arrival of the new product and you can advertise too about the same by providing some good caption or headline etc.

Promotional Email: Promotional email is not just about promoting your brand or information regarding season sale or discount offers it can provide other information too like free delivery (for a particular period of time) or coupons codes etc.

Makes your grip stronger in the industry: Through various emails, you can show to customers that you know the industry best. Email should be creative and knowledgeable and should provide value to customers. This would help to establish your business’s goodwill. Some of such emails are as under

Email regarding product knowledge: In this email, you can provide details about the product, tip regarding the use of the product, maintenance tips, etc.

Industry news/update: Through this email, you can provide industry news to customers which is beneficial to them. For example, an apparel company can email a current fashion trend, technology company can send technology updates.

Email keeps your business at the top in preference list: Sending emails at regular interval helps to keep you in the mind of customers. For example, an agency which provides servant/guards and they send emails at frequent interval would be contacted first at the time of requirement. This helps to keep you in the mind of customers, the main purpose of this email is to be in touch with customers and less selling. For example newsletter, holiday emails etc.

Emails help to build the relationship: Through email, you can build a personal connection with your customers. Whether making new connections or engaging the old ones, email helps you a lot. There are a few types of email which help you in building a relationship which is as under

Welcome email: When a customer login to your website or email, a welcome email is a good start to build relation or nurture the existing one. Welcome email provides information regarding the company and its product/service.

Newsletter: A newsletter is an effective way to share news, it makes a customer feel important and connected to your company. It keeps the customer updated with the company which leads to a better relationship between the two i.e. customer and company.

In today’s ever-changing world, email marketing tends to take a backseat. However, if you haven’t considered email marketing for your business already, now is the time. Email marketing is a targeted, shareable, credible, measurable and cost-effective tool overlooked by many. With a strategic approach, proper guidance and a strong message your business is sure to get benefit from email marketing.


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