Email Marketing Aid in Customer Retention

It’s been proved that retaining existing customers is as critical as acquiring new once and existing customers are account for the actual growth of the business to a larger extent, through facilitating a lasting relationship with the customers, you can easily achieve it. Email happens to be the best to do so. Therefore, there are a few emails which specifically meant for this purpose i.e. emails aids in bringing the customers back to the sales cycle.

Recorder Email:

Recorder emails are refers to the emails which are kept on sending out to your audience after fixed intervals. Take the example of cartridges for printers, which will be required once it’s over will enhance the recall capacity of the customers when required, below is the example of recorder email.

We miss you email:

Customers who seem to have fallen off the sales for a while, you can send as simple as that email. Sending simple emails stating ‘we miss you’ even including discount at times this happens to be the best to entice customers to come back again.
Hence, the value of existing customers is way better then new once. Email marketing for customer retention is equally important as sending out other promotional, informational and transactional emails. We should not let the cat out of the bag.


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