Effective Ways of Leveraging Email Marketing for Online Store

Leveraging Email Marketing


This article going to fetch you a Sound Understanding on How You Can Make the Use of Email Marketing in order to gain new, lost and recurring clients for your E-COMMERCE business.  


Every Subscriber is accountable
It’s pretty obvious that the number of subscriptions for newsletter has always been way higher than the actual sales. As newsletter subscription costs nothing to your audience or subscribers and apparently is a very effective way to generate opt-in (permission marketing) list for email marketing. Therefore, you are allowed to send out promotional emails and e-newsletters to all of them which directly lead to sales at a later stage. That’s the reason behind the accountability of each and every subscriber for your business, they are the one who has shown the interest in your offerings and subscribed for your e-newsletters and promotional emails.

There is one great way to use emails in your e-commerce business is by sending recapturing emails. Recapturing emails refer to that emails that you can send out when any of your audience has abandoned their cart without finishing the transaction. You could email them reminding them there’s still something in their cart and they’re most welcome to complete the purchase.

Usually, there’s a time limit to this, mentioning this would be great as far as results are concerned. This will actually also fetch the urgency, which can actually help. Some businesses even choose to give discounts or any free gift also after a cart is abandoned, you can decide on another attraction points on the same.

Customer Retention

Email is a great way to increase your customers’ retention. So this would help make your clients recurring clients. By emailing your customers on a regular basis, your brand will stay top of mind and they’ll return more quickly to buy something again whenever the need will arise. Of course, your emails would have to be interesting, enticing and engaging for this to really work in short ‘emails have to be really effective’

Now as with a lot of things on Many of the e-commerce giants, a stroke of genius. It gives you a good reason to go back to their site, without sounding typical promotional (sales) email at all. You end up on their website and before you know it there’s another DVD, eBook, or iPhone 6 in your cart.

Reward your loyal customers

Email is a good tool to give something extra to your loyal customers. You can even make different segments of loyal customers and email these groups accordingly. This can start with people who bought just one product for people who have bought multiple items in your online shop.

By giving these customers something extra, you’re expressing your gratitude that they’re your customers. And, of course, in return you’ll get another nice revenue boost from your most loyal customers moreover would fetch your business a positive word of mouth for your future customers as well.


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