Effective Ways To Get Email Addresses




If you want to get success in the world of email marketing, you need a valid, reliable and ethical email addresses, in order to get this you must know the ways how to collect/get email addresses of your potential customers.

Fortunately, there are tons of ways to legally collect email addresses and convince your website visitors to share the information you need for your marketing efforts. Here are some smart ways to gather the email addresses  which will help to grow your email list and would use to generate new leads.

  • Place an email signup link on the front page of newsletter.
  • Direct people to your company website and put a signup form on  website.
  • Use your business social media account (linkedin, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc) to get email addresses by providing link to your email signup list.
  • At the end of every blog there must be a link to your email list.
  • Run online quiz or contest, customer can take part by through their email account and winner will get the prize.
  • Offer additional discount to email list members, this encourages others to registered.
  • When customer calls to place an order ask for email address as a process of placing order.
  • Send postcards to local residents to gather email addresses. Print a coupon or special offer on the postcards and send them out, then gather their email addresses when the coupons are redeemed.
  • Upload videos on youtube and include a signup link for your email list.
  • Start a referral program in which current list members get special discounts and free products for encouraging their friends to sign up.
  • Give special gifts and offers to list members this not only encourage other people to signup but also make existing members to stay back.
  • Ask your employees to gather valid addresses and provide them reward for doing so.
  • Join other business group, email the member list (if it’s opt-in) about your services, and include a link to sign up.
  • Send a direct mail offer like coupon etc that can be redeemed when the recipient signs up.
  • Attend the event or host the event and ask attendees to provide their email addresses as well as other details.
  • Include a link in your email which can be forward to another person for signup.
  • Place a small box on counter to gather email addresses and ask for business card.
  • Add a link of your email list to your email signature. Send email, so that communication work for you.
  • If you sell products or services online, ask customers at the end of their online shopping but before payment to provide all relevant detail about themselves which include email address also.
  • Give people a sneak peek of what they’ll get by joining your email list. so people can preview what they’ll see before they hand over their email address.
  • Use lightbox popup The signup form will appear directly in front of the user. Therefore, if your offer is compelling enough your visitor would gladly share their email address with you.

Once you’ve gathered a quality list of email addresses, you’re ready to send out emails to boost business and drive sales. Make sure to implement subject line that will prompt people to open your emails and see what’s inside.


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