Does Spam Filter Hurt Your Email Open Rates ??

Here are the 6 solutions When Spam Filter Hurt Your Email

Spam Filter

You have created a wonderful email with a perfect subject line, targeting your audience and taking other measures, still, spam filter hurts you?

An estimated 21% of legitimate emails sent for legitimate marketing purpose but end up in the spam box, some marketers have a higher spam rate than this, because they aren’t aware of the real causes.

Here are some tips to make sure your emails don’t trigger spam filters.

Use a reputable email server: Once somebody sends an email, the IP address of the sender is recorded. They may never get another email from that IP address again. This means that you need to be careful when choosing email server. Like for example if you share an IP address, you and other marketers trying to use the service will get filtered by the reporting users as well. Instead, you should use more trusted email marketing service that has strict policies and protect marketers from being marked as spam.

Get custom authentication: You must add custom authentication to all of your emails. Adding a custom authentication is very important as it tells users that your emails are legitimate (legal). If you don’t know how to set up your own, don’t worry email marketing solution do it for you.

Find out which keyword trigger spam: There are many words which are categories as spam words. Marketers should avoid using those words in their emails otherwise the server will mark your email as spam.  

Here are some of the keywords that are most likely to be triggered as spam filter:

  • 100% free
  • Lottery
  • Miracle
  • Revolutionary

You can find here a full fledge article regarding which keywords to use and which keyword to avoid.

Pay attention to sentence structure and spelling: Apart from keywords marketers must also pay attention to sentence structure and spelling. Modern spam filter places a lot more emphasis on readability than the presence of certain trigger words.

Make sure email must be drafted carefully. Proper use of grammar, spelling, sentence structure should be kept in mind by the marketer in order to create as high-quality content as possible.

Test your email before sending: Remember, never ever avoid to test your email before sending even if your email looks fine. Even your email looks fine, it could still get caught in a spam filter, therefore, it is good to test every email before you send it (you know, it’s better to be safe than sorry)

Don’t be too aggressive or repetitive with your content: Whether its email or any other thing if done aggressively it will stop giving result after a certain point of time. Same is the case of email marketing. Two of the main reasons that people mark emails as spam are:

  • The copy is overly aggressive with its sales approach
  • The marketer sends the same type of message over and over again.

No one wants to get the same message over and over again, after a certain period of time recipients starts to mark your message as spam and which is obviously not good for your brand.

Final words

In case you consistently failed to deliver relevant content to your subscribers’ many subscribers will mark your email as spam rather than opting out of your subscriber list. Hence look out for above mention pitfalls while creating emails and take necessary action for the same.


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