How to Make your Guests Readers Fall in Love With Your Blog

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Are you a blogger? Do you like people following your blogs and articles madly? Well, who will not like that?
Whenever the audience gets to know about any brand or company, firstly they use a search engine to know about or visit its website.

First Impression is the Last Impression.

Yes. The first impression matters a lot. An average person takes a tenth of a second to form an impression about a stranger based upon looks and appearance of the content. It is how you create the content and how you write articles and blogs on your website to attract the audience.
However, as a blogger, it’s not just about making a strong first impression. Keeping your readers engaged and converting them into subscribers and customers is equally important.

It sounds quite difficult, right? Content is like the king of the website.

Here I am sharing a few points which can help you to get maximum subscribers and to make strangers fall in love with your content.


  • Create a strong first impression

The look and feel of your blog, website and color theme shapes your blog’s perception when a stranger visits your blog or website. According to research, 65% of people judge things by looks before exploring them any further. So make your blog has a modern outlook and it must be compatible with different devices and platforms.

  • Offer paid content for free sometimes

At times, offer your premium content to your regular readers. This will secretly let you win the hearts of your readers. Offer just not only the good content but ample useful and jaw-dropping content to surprise your readers. Doing this will give lots of loyal customers. Your content may be in an eBook or pdf or video series, a blog post or anything useful.

Neil Patel is a good example to this. He creates 5000-6000 words blog post every other day. Every one of his blog posts can be sold as a premium ebook but he gives them away for free.

  • Use social proof to win reader’s trust

It gives a good impact if your blog ‘Featured In’ section mentions names like ‘Hubspot’, ‘MarketingProfs’ etc. It gives the first impression as a reflection of an expert and ultimately you get loyal customers. Therefore, your content will be more respected.

  • Create and post more infographics, videos, and webinars to differentiate yourself

Posting visual content sometimes brings up more visitors than usual. Readers enjoy videos, infographics, and content at the same time. Sometimes content visualizes more clearly than content and readers enjoy that. Infographics and videos are two visual content that

  • You can use social media to create awareness for your updated daily blogs

Reaching out to new readers have become easy with the help of social media like twitter, facebook, Instagram etc. Create a facebook group or page where you can post your blogs frequently or create a profile on twitter and tweet your blogs. This will help you to increase traffic on the website and will increase the number of readers.  


  • Use appropriate thumbnail

Thumbnail is the image that is associated with the title of your blog. Without any thumbnail, the blog looks dull. It itself describes that what its content consists of and why it was written. It even helps to produce graphically more visual when you post your blogs on social media like twitter and facebook.


Can you think of any other way to make your guests’ readers fall in love with you?
Please share in a comment section.


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