Common Digital Marketing Mistakes Done by Start-Ups

Digital Marketing Mistakes
So we are at 2015 now, we all must have been aware that 2015 going to be productive for the emerging entrepreneurs (this is all have been surveyed and the reports are stating it, fruitful opportunities going to be an Asian market) until these originators wouldn’t make 3 common mistakes
You must be thinking that even after writing the blog, designing banner ads, writing the weekly email updates, responding to tweets, creating a Youtube video and joining Linkedin groups- the list of digital marketing tasks for your start-ups continues to grow rather than shrink. Yet the goal which you have set out of your digital marketing has not been achieved and this is the problem for many emerging entrepreneurs
In order to really take your digital marketing to a level that produces results, generating quality leads- you not only execute the digital marketing correctly also you have to avoid digital marketing mistakes
Having said this let me just start discussing which all are that 3 common mistake that we being start-ups usually commits:
Mistake 1: Not aligning your digital Marketing with Business Objectives:
There are many start-ups which aren’t focusing their digital marketing campaigns on business objectives. It is well understood that whatever the marketing campaign or digital marketing campaign we do, we do it to meet our ultimate business target.
Therefore don’t forget that just because you are an amazing start-up that you are still a business


Mistake-2: Trying to Market on too many channels:
Most of us out of greed always feel like to use all the channels of digital marketing and we actually do use all of them, as per marketing strategy’s viewpoint we need to find the ways through which we would reach out to our exact target market and that way wouldn’t likely be trying to optimize all channels of communication in digital marketing.

Mistake-3: Trying to target everyone:
Similar like offline marketing campaigns digital marketing channels have to filter in order to find out who all are the one best suited for the product you are dealing with and then choosing right and effective digital marketing channels which have to be efficient enough to reach out your target audience. There might be situations which allows you to leverage all the channels of digital marketing communication however that situations again totally depends on the product you are dealing with and size and profile of the target market.


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