Business Cannot Do Without Email Marketing


Result Oriented, Cost Effective and Perfectly Measurable

Email Marketing is associated with plenty of benefits that we are going to discuss in this article and how can one enjoy the ROI out of the Email Marketing.
Recent study on the Email Marketing clearly stating that an effective email marketing campaign fetches $40 of every $1 invested, which is one of the highest ROIs from any type of marketing.
This is the reason triggered us to do a deep research and apparently have come up with some real good ways email marketing can help your business grow consistently.

1.  Increase your recall value:

Although emails are more about keeping in touch with your customers, however emails increase your business’s recall value by service as gentle reminder about your business and keep your business and product top of mind to your consumers, there are a few emails that are specifically meant for it, some of them are:
  • Newsletters:

Sending company’s newsletters is a outstanding way to update your customers about your business. A small history of the company, employees’ profile of the company, CSR activities, upcoming business and their products can do the work. 

  • Holiday Email:

A holiday email works really productive when the holidays are rolls around when you are intended your customers to know the offers along with best wishes of happy new year and off course a discount.

2.  Email Marketing Increases sales:

  • Promotional Emails:

No customers would let go the offer best suited their requirements as these kind of emails triggers the customers to save their bucks, therefore, you need to put yourself into the shoes of your customers and future customers and find what actually will trigger them to shop, such as, “don’t miss our 50% off offer” and include other perks too like a free product trial or free shipping, below image is the example such emails.

  • New Arrival Email:

This one actually works when you want to spread word about your new arrivals, you may include the link in your regular emails which will take them to the information about the new arrival. Below is one of the examples of such email.
It is apparent that every email that you send out to your audience can get them one-step closer to making a purchase. However, marketers should take good care of when to send; what content to share (has to be relevant) and it shouldn’t bombard the customers.


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