1. DON,T Buy Or Rent Subscriber List:
 Don’t buy or rent lists. Yes, you can legally purchase lists of people who have agreed to email communications, it does not mean that really they want your emails.
2.DON,T Use ALL Caps Letter :
  Don’t use all caps anywhere in your email or specially in it’s subject line.It is rude and gives a negative impact on spam filters.
3. DON,T Use Scraping Email From Sites:
Don’t scrape Websites  specially social media sites like Facebook , twitter ,LinkedIn for email addresses. This is not a illegal way .
4.  DON,T Use JavaScript, Flash and Video :
Do not use video or additional  Flash, or java script within your email newsletter. Various Email Client’s Spam filter blocks it as it might be fishy.
5.  DON,T Use Spammy Words:
Don’t use spam trigger words like “free,” “help,””guarantee,””percentage” and “no obligation” in your subject line or email newsletter’s body. Spam filter will never allow you email to inter their Inbox.
6. DON,T Use Embed Forms :
 Don’t embed forms in your emails . It might be more and more difficult to place your newsletter in Inbox folder.Send your recipients to a landing page of your site .
  7. DON,T Use Exclamation points!!!
 Do not use red color  font for designing  your email newsletter. It is a standard way to use  black font with  white  background . You should avoid exclamation marks (“!”) specially inside the subject line.


8. DON,T Use Misspelled Words :
 Please check all words spelling carefully. As misspelling  is  one of the major spam indicator in your email newsletter.

9. DON,T  Use Keyword Stuffing : 
Do not full your email with  all type of “call to action”  keywords. Spam filters traps them easily.
10.DON,T Use Large Images Without “Alt” Tag:
Never forget to include “alt” text  with images . It make them more readable by all email clients.Don’t use huge amount of images and always remember that the  images should have  alt text.
11. DON,T Use Include heavy attachments: 
Do not include heavy attachments to your emails.  A landing page link will be able to send recipients to the pages on the  site to download whatever you want to send.