Boost Audience Engagement with These Email Marketing Tactics

Email Marketing Tactics

It’s being 2 decades since email marketing is around and a lot has changed and is changing in email marketing- from smartphone to social media to methods of doing email marketing. So you also need to brush up your skill, boost your audience engagement by using these five tactics.

Use CTAs throughout your email campaign- not just at the end

Most of the marketers use CTA only at the end of the campaign. What if a reader doesn’t even get that down, what might work for an article is not necessary that would work for email marketing campaign also.

Many readers don’t even scroll down, for this reason, you should include CTAs in the starting and throughout an email but remember don’t go overboard and also you cannot ask your audience to perform many actions hence give your reader few options to contact you or interact with your content.

It’s all about finding the most suited technique or formula of your audience.

Integrate your social media networks

Nowadays everybody is on social media so your emails should be social-friendly too. You should allow users to share content from your email to their social media accounts, you can include buttons (CTA) to encourage readers to perform certain actions.

Use your social media to increase your email subscription and encourage social interaction in your email content. Being on social media not only help you to grow your audience base, but it can also give you more insight into your audience which will eventually help you to create more effective campaigns.

Know your analytics

The only way to know what is working and what is not working for you is by analyzing the thing, by doing this you can improve your email marketing. Through analytics, you can see the number of people who opened your email, a percentage of people who clicked on CTA, which type of campaign works best for which segment of your audience and how successful your emails are at driving traffic back to your site.

Apart from this you can compare the performance of two or more than two campaigns and understand what type of message resonates with your audience.

After looking at this data, you can take a corrective action (if required). There are a lot more (almost everything) which you can analyze through analytics like active members, engaged audience, etc.

Mobile Optimization

These days everything is on mobile and everyone want things which are mobile friendly. When it comes to email, the majority of emails are read on mobile devices so your content should be mobile friendly.

The vast majority of emails are read on mobile devices these days, so your content should be designed accordingly. This means creating content that’s easily reproduced on a variety of devices.

Don’t overlook design

The design is important. Your email should look unique and interesting otherwise it’s not going to stand out in your audience members overcrowded inboxes.

Successful standing out doesn’t require any graphic designer you just need to make your email campaign attractive and meaningful. Regardless of what product or service you are into, make it simple, easy to understand and present your brand in the best way.

Email campaign should be designed in such a way that it attracts the audience to open your email and perform the activity which you have asked to perform.

Additional Tip: Personalized your campaign

In the current trend, personalization is more than just adding a recipient’s first name to a subject line or at the starting of the content. Target subscribers for the specific content they’ve shown interest in. You can also offer discounts according to your customer segment (premium customer, normal value customer, etc.)  

Make the most of the information you have about your subscribers to create personalized content. Use the analytics platform to personalized emails based on the what content recipients have engaged with in the past and accordingly you can plan your email marketing strategy.

Make the most of the information you have about your subscribers. Personalization is more than just adding a recipient’s first name to a subject line; use the data in your analytics platform to personalize emails based on what content recipients have engaged with in the past. 

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