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Email marketing is already reaching heights in e-commerce, retail, marketing, and advertising industries. The growth in digital marketing and online marketing has also made people lethargic especially because of email marketing, through which various websites send newsletters to update the users with latest offers and trends about their business. Most people spend hours on the web to search for best deals or discounts on trips but usually end up leaving them in a cart or daydreaming. Email marketing has been proved much more beneficial for such people, as they can receive the latest updates with best deals in their inbox.

How Email Marketing benefits Tour & Travel Industry?

Email is the best performing channel for effective ROI. It is the job of email marketers to turn the tourists all over the world into our actual customers with email marketing.

In this post, I am going to share a few ways through which you can turn dull inbox into a real gold mine.

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Sometimes words are not required, just the picture says everything. A picture says a thousand words and it is enough to get a click to know more information about it. Pictures inspire more to explore rather than boring long descriptions. You can even use the specific festival/holiday to offer various deals on tour and trips with beautiful pictures.

  • Summer Vacations Long escape…..

2.  Know your audience choicesFew travelers are very specific in terms of traveling. Like mountaineers would like to travel in mountain areas like the Himalayas(India), Sandpoint(USA), Olden(Norway) etc. Few look for best discount offers/deals and similarly, hikers will need totally different information.

3.  The frequency of email(Automate your emails)

According to research, few tours and travel websites have a low frequency of sending newsletters which makes your recipients less aware of the trips and offers you are offering. Create a good frequency of your newsletters for your audience keeping in mind their choices.

4. Subject Line

As an email marketer, you must be already aware of what role subject line plays in your email marketing campaign. You can even have a look at my blog on Subject Line here best practices for email subject lines to increase open rate.

Emails with ‘booking details’ mentioned in the subject line score the highest open rate. Other best open rate parameters include – Company name (travel brand), and sense of urgency tone.
Well, for tour and travel industry you can use subject lines like:

  • It pays to fly…
  • Experience the excitement!
  • Is this any way to run an airline? – You bet it is!

5.  Tell a story and show pictures

Personal experiences really inspire and excites the listener and reader to visit that particular place. It works as a feedback for the readers. In fact, Story is a creative way to connect with your customers. Sharing unique things and scenarios also help to promote.

Some miscellaneous ways can be:

  • Share reviews and testimonials
  • Share different dishes around the world.
  • Organize a contest for the best photo taken by your customers.
  • Make good relations with travel bloggers to get updated.
  • Offer free e-books by you or your company.
  • Use social media to promote.
  • Publish videos.


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