Best email marketing India 2014

10 is the leading bulk emailing provider in India 2014. We are currently trying to enrich our customer with most advanced email marketing features at an affordable price.

Now a day using email marketing service is not just like a promotional marketing, the email marketing or bulk emailing term is becoming more challenging day by day with emerging technologies.

Only those email marketing provider, which provide deep analytics and advanced reporting  features will be able to catch the business giant’s attention.

We are living in one of the most developing countries in the world. Here the expectation and demand of clients are increasing with the environment and technologies. 

We at truly realize these things. We always try to provide most affordable bulk emailing service without any compromisation with advanced features.


1.  We provide assured 99% email delivery:  

We know the power of deliverability in terms of email marketing 2014. We provide high end emailing servers worldwide.  80% of our cost goes to these servers. Whatever is your demand we are ready to full fill them. If you want dynamic IP facility, we provide that. If you demand a dedicated IP we arrange it for you. Ultimately we never compromise with customer’s wishes and profits. 


2.     Charge on active subscribers only:

 We are very much familiar with our client’s realistic challenges. Once you upload a list of active subscriber, day by day the list produces some undesirable sound “EMAIL ADDRESS DOES NOT EXIST”.  This is a huge problem because you are still paying for these clients. At sales-push we remove these BOUNCED data. We only charge for the active subscribers present in your list. Now, there is an opportunity to add fresh subscriber list without increasing your budget.


3.     Excellent customer support: 

We provide western level customer support in terms of quality enriched with the traditional Indian style. We know it very well that Indian customer’s feel much comfortable with easily accessible telephonic support. We provide dedicated support system for every existing and fresh client.


4.     Flexible email marketing plans:
Every customer’s requirement is different. Actually the email marketing requirement varies from industry to industry. If you belong from advertising and media, realstate like company your database might be dynamic, then best suited plan would be “pay per email plan” for you.
If you belong to infrastructure, online marketing like organization then most fitted plan would be “Subscriber based Plan”.



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