Before Reading How To Make an Effective Email Campaign? Read Why to?

why Email
why Email?

Before Reading How To Make an Effective Email Campaign? Read Why to?


1-Email OutReach

Email is the most outreached platform. Compared to any Social media platform Email has got the reach everywhere. Of course Instagram, Twitter has engaged the audience but Email still has the outreach to the audience of every age group. The question comes How?

Email Outreach

Email is accessed by every individual almost. Whether they are business professionals, students, retired officers nowadays people who have a shift towards remote services also access the email on a regular basis.

 Therefore to avail maximum outreach, you require Email marketing to be one of the parts of the marketing strategies.


2-Maximum ROI on Minimum Investment

Yes, You’re right why Email? As there are multiple mediums to marketing like Twitter, Instagram, Google Ads and many more. So why should we opt the older way?

ROI Return On Investment written on dices on wooden background

Email is the most cost-effective medium to reach the audience within minimum spent and receive maximum Return on Investment.

3-Response Time Calculation

The average response time is half the time being invested and also the time to respond is lower. As compared to other mediums of marketing.If the targeting is done to the right set of audiences than the chances of turning into major prospects are higher. Also the conversion rate will follow.

Response Time
Response Time

The maximum response expectancy after receiving an Email is said to be 1 day. As calculated through various studies and surveys.



Personalization is a great tactic to attract and engage the user. Engagement is the key to conversion. If your product or content is interesting and useful enough to draw customer’s attention. Then you’ve already crossed half the journey to being a prospect and convert later.


5-Email is Forever

 Email is going to last forever. As long as students and professionals are going to use Email it is no longer leaving the essence. In short, Email Is there to stay for a long period of time. Ads, Social media and every other medium are less likely to take their place as strong as Email

If anyone is reading the emails on a regular basis it is meant to build a relationship. Email Marketing works for the long term once you’ve built up a relationship and engagement with the user



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