Avoid your Bad Habits to Retain Your Productivity



Time is very crucial because we can earn everything except time. Time never comes back so utilize your time in such a way so that you could be more productive and enhance productivity in a given period of time. We as a whole need to get the most extreme measure of work done in the shortest measure of time. Shockingly, once in a while the things we do for the sake of profitability really make us less beneficial.

If a person is intelligent, hard worker, dedicated but he is not getting the appropriate result of his work done. So what you think? What could be the reason behind, why he is not getting the expected result?

For instance, how frequently do you check your email? Do you think if you did not reply on mail frequently you will lose the client? If you do over planning you will become successful in lesser time. Well, it is not true. So try to avoid the thing which is decreasing your productivity.

List of the things to be avoided, to retain productivity

Avoid Over-Planning

If a person does over planning it does not mean he will perform well. Over panning mislead you from your actual path, the reason behind whenever we do over planning we cannot focus on the main path. So it is very crucial for you to judge what is important to you and what is not. Summaries your work based on priorities and do planning based on that summary. When you plan based on priorities you first try to do the things which more matters for you. And this summary of your work to be done avoids you to do over planning. It is always better to determine what you want your outcome to be and lay out the series of steps to reach there than to try to do meticulously planning.

Put your phone away from you at the time of sleep

The world is mobile and we are also mobile in this mobile age. We are so much mobile addicted that we always keep our mobile with us even the time of sleep. Smartphone LED screens give off blue light which suppresses the production of melatonin on continuous projection. Melatonin is a hormone that helps in the regulation of the sleep cycle and makes us happy and distress free. So put your mobile far away from you during the time of sleep to take a sound sleep. Because when you take sound sleep, the next morning you will feel more energetic for your work.

Strat your day with most prioritize work

We have the limited amount of willpower. When we start our day we have the maximum amount of willpower but as the day passes the amount of willpower decreases. So always categories your work based on priority so that your important work, could be done on time. Having too many goals can be extremely unproductive. Pick the things that are most important, and ignore the rest. Set your goal, based on that goal, make your strategy to complete the goal, avoid the things which consume your time in office hour and are not so much beneficial for you.

Avoid Impulsive Web Browsing

It is always easy to get answered with the internet, whenever you need to. We always think that browsing saves our time. Yes, it is but we also get involved in other things as well. Involving in other things take time when we start browsing in our office time, we involve our important time. So do browsing but not in so impulsive way. First, do focus on your important work, if it is done then only involve in other works. When you write down something it fixes in your memory and you can memorize it any time. So try to write down the important things.

Avoid taking too many meetings

Meetings consume a lot of time. Just try to focus and analyze which meeting could be beneficial for you. Try to attend only those meetings. When you will attend a lot of meetings it will consume your whole day and you would not be able to give your time in other works. So always give priority to your important works first then focus on other works. Schedule your plan and do work based on that plan, then you could be more productive, and give a fruitful result to your business.

Avoid being multitasking

Being a multitasking person is good but not always. When we perform different activities at the same time, then you are not going to able quality result. So always focus on one at a single time to give your best. Result says only 2% person is able to do multitasking.  Don’t multitask. Your staff can tell when you aren’t tuning in. Your work can endure when you aren’t centered on it.

Do one thing at once, do it well and totally and afterward move to the following assignment.