All About Hashtags : Social Media

If you are promoting your brand on social media then you must go through this post thoroughly as hashtags is a crucial part of categorizing your content on social media.

So, What are Hashtags?

A hashtag is a unique strategy used in social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter for categorizing your content messages. It is considered a very powerful tool by business, especially for content curation. The symbol ‘#’ represents a hashtag followed by a keyword that is suitable for the content you are posting.

On Twitter, the hash sign turns any word or group of words that directly follow it into a searchable link. This allows you to track topics and discussion forums based on such keywords. For example, if you wanted to share a blog post on email marketing, then you would include #EmailMarketing in your tweet to join the conversation. Hashtags are like SEO to Twitter. The more you use hashtags, the more people see you but that does not mean that you use too many hashtags in one content. That doesn’t encourage people to follow that post. Do not exceed more than three hashtags in a single tweet.

Hashtag Rule:  You do not require a special software or coding techniques to create hashtags. The only thing you need to know is the pound sign(#) with the specific word or phrase. There should be no spaces, punctuations or special characters.  For Example:

Incorrect: #Email Marketing , #don’t stop , #Social_media
Correct: #EmailMarketing , #wontstop , #SocialMedia

Importance of Hashtags:

  •  Target Audience

If someone is searching you through hashtag then it simply means that they are interested in your brand/ product related post. Also, by using the hashtag of your interest to your ideal customer, you can increase the chances of being found.

  •   Increases Click-Through Rate

Obviously, if someone finds you so they are interested in your post and surely they will click the link that you have tweeted. This ultimately increases your Click through rate and improves traffic on your website. According to research, tweets with hashtags receive twice the engagement as compared to tweets without hashtags.

  •   Great for Search

Hashtags help in search engine optimization. If you are searching for a particular post, then you can hashtag with that keyword which can easily help you to find relevant content through a search on specific hashtags.

Tips for Hashtags:

  • Be  Specific

Always make sure that the hashtag you are using should be specific and relevant to your content or the conversation.

  • Keep it simple

If hashtags used often then it appears to be spam and looks messy. Your content should be simple with not more than 3 hashtags. Do not hashtag the same word twice.

  • Give context

It is boring if you only use hashtags in your post. Also, use some specific content on the post you are posting. Using only hashtags sometimes makes your post confusing and messy.

  • Do not hashtag everything

Hashtags help to search for the relevant content but if you’ll hashtag everything then people might get confused which one is the most relevant. You must use 1 or 2 hashtags only. The maximum can be 3. Never use more than 3 hashtags in any tweet or post or content.

Supported Platform: The social media platforms which support hashtags include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+.

Over To You:

If you can share more tips on hashtags for social media then please comment in the section below.


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