Advantages of List Segmentation on Email Marketing Analytic

Advance List Segmentation


The Question is what is Advance List Segmentation and how does it help email marketing analytics? And the answer is below:
Advance list segmentation allows you to segment your email marketing list into specific groups. Groups that can be identified at the time of shooting emails. These segmented lists also fetch liberty to choose which list to be used in which email marketing campaign. This way the problem of high unsubscribe rate can also be minimized as you are sending a piece of content best suited a particular list and apparently this gets you high open rates and click rate and subsequently positive impact on conversions.
What all are the basis on which you can segment your email marketing list and boost results out of email marketing:

Location wise segmentation

As the name suggests, a person living in a cool area is apparently having different tastes, preferences, and needs as compared to the one facing summer. Location wise segmentation can also be done on the basis of time zone differences. This will also allow identifying the best time to shoot emails.

Segment by Activity

Segment your email marketing list into 3 types of behavior as follow-

  • Highly Active Subscribers – Keep them receiving emails on a regular interval as they are the once likes your emails the most.
  • Moderate Active Subscribers – These subscribers like you but they might find your emails annoying if they would be considered highly active once, so be cautious on not to lose the subscribers and leverage email marketing wisely.
  • Low Active Subscribers – Sometimes these become inactive subscribers also, so here you need to sure about these activities and it’s better not to email them more frequently in order to avoid spam marking or unsubscribe rate.

Segment by actions

These actions are considered at the time when you actually blast emails to a bulk list and then you have the following –

  • Openers – Who opens up your email but don’t click on “Call to Action” button.
  • Clickers – Who Clicks on the “Call to Action” button.
  • Non-Openers – Don’t even open your email

Segmenting a fresh email marketing list on the basis of their actions as mentioned above helps to identify who all the hot prospects and cold prospects.

Segment by Preferences

Segmenting on the basis of what product or service a particular list likes. This helps in blasting emails of a particular product or service category to the one who actually wants to receive an email for that particular product or service category.
At, we have been asked by our clients (across the globe) many questions about advance list segmentation and how exactly they should be leveraging this awesome feature of our Intelligent Email Marketing platform named “EmailPush” in order to get most out of our platform. Hence, above we have got the clarity on this “Advance List Segmentation”. Hope now you all will leverage this feature wisely.


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