9 Neglected Free Google Tools to Increase Website Traffic

Website Traffic

Are you an online business promoter seeking to increase your website traffic and generate leads? Then you must be trying hard to improve your traffic rather by purchasing tools or running random campaigns. No doubt, you must be already using Google Analytics and Google Chrome tool by now. But Google has many other tools as well which can be of great use to increase your traffic rank and generate leads.

In this article, I am sharing various tools by Google which are generally overlooked by online marketers but can be of great use. With various powerful tools like Google Analytics and Google Chrome, Google provided us with many other tools which can be used effectively to increase website traffic. The tools that have been mentioned below are generally ignored by the online marketers but release a huge impact on what you do.

1.  Google Alerts

Google alerts is a service that tracks the results on a search engine and if any changes or updates are noticed, it immediately sends an alert email to the email account. Its main use is to monitor the web for specific information or content or any topic for which you want to create the alert. You can also make an alert for new advancements, celebrity gossips or current trends. All you need to do is: open the website and enter your search. Create the alert and select the source type. Now choose the frequency how often you want to receive the alert email and select search volume. Finally click the “Create Alert” button.
You can even modify your alerts or delete the alerts when you don’t want them.

2.  Google Sheets

It a spreadsheet which is web-based that allows users to create, update and modify sheets and share the sheet live with others. It has the ability to add, delete and sort rows and columns. It also collaborates with multiple distinct geographical users with whom you can share the sheet in real time. It even has a built-in chat program where users can chat. Users can upload spreadsheets directly from their computers.

3.  Google Mobile-Friendly Test

This is a very important tool by Google which checks that whether your content is responsive or not. In today’s world, the maximum of the emails is opened on smartphones. So it is very important that your email must be compatible with every device from computers to mobiles. It only takes seconds to check your content. You just need to open the website and enter the URL and click on “Analyze”. And you will get your results within seconds.

4.  Google My Business

With this application, you are providing your viewers with information about your business, customers reviews, address and working hours. You can even manage and respond to customer reviews. This clearly gives you customer insights on where and how people are searching for you. It notifies whenever any customer talks about you. You can even manage multiple locations from one dashboard. Creating a Google My Business listing does not guarantee online or foot traffic, but it definitely moves you in the right direction.

5.  Google PageSpeed Insights

This tool analyzes the performance analysis of your web pages and gets specific suggestions on how to optimize them.
With PageSpeed Insights you can identify ways to make your site faster and more mobile-friendly. It helps to measure your content delivery networks and rendering speed in different browsers.

6. Google Correlate

It can be considered as a cousin of Google Trends. Although it is not as popular as Google Trends is currently. Basically, it provides information about how much the individual terms have been searched on a search engine through which we can derive the trending words. It is also possible to separate records in CSV upload file format.  It finds search patterns which correspond with real-world trends.
Also, you can upload your own data set and search for similar trends, or enter search terms and see matching patterns. You can use each correlation to get deep insights about your audience and discover the best place to roll out a new brand.

7.  Google Trends

As mentioned above, this can be considered as a cousin of Google Correlate but trends are more popular. With Google Trends, it is not the frequency of terms that is analyzed but the time defined the frequency of keywords in relation to others. It only displays the relative combined search volumes from all countries that share a particular language. It is possible to refine the main graph by region and time period.

8. Google Voice

It allows you low-cost distance calling and receiving transcriptions of your voicemails. If you want to know how to use Google Voice, just sign up for Google Voice and begin familiarizing yourself with many Google Voice features. Currently, this tool is only available in the US currently. But soon will be launched in other countries as well. To get started, go to the Google voice site and choose your type of account. Then follow the prompts.

9.  YouTube

If you are not aware, then please note that Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in an all-stock transaction.
So basically, it’s a google tool now. You can use YouTube effectively for promoting your product by creating videos and promote your brand. YouTube already ranks higher in Google search results. You just need to create a channel on YouTube and upload videos. Promote them as much as you can and get subscribers.

Over To You:Can you think of more Google Tools that can increase website traffic?
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