7 Emails Every Business Must Be Sending


If you are a business company, then you must be sending emails like promotional or may be transactional or may be welcome emails when subscribed. Does these emails annoy your readers? Are you performing well in engaging them into your content? Is your business growing through content marketing strategies you are following?

Email Marketing has certain tactics that needs to be followed. Imagine sending a welcome email after 3 days of subscription. How insane! The frequency of sending right emails at the right time is very important to take your Email Marketing at the next level.

I am sharing different emails that every business company must be sending to their subscribers. Read on….

 1.   Welcome Email

Welcome emails are one of the first key steps to long term success with email marketing. It can be considered a crucial part in your email marketing lifecycle. They can be automated through your Email Service Provider. These are sent when a person subscribes to your email list. So basically, this is the first email that they receive after subscribing and it should be very effective with warm welcome. It is like a virtual handshake and you must show the personal side of your business. You can also offer a reward like 50% on first purchase in celebration of a new customer. Also thanks them for joining your email list.

 2.   Promotional Email

These emails helps to promote your products and offers you are launching. This keeps your readers updated with the latest offers. Use special graphics beautifully which will entice them to click and see the offers on your website. But you need to be very careful while drafting this email as your email is nearly guaranteed to be delivered in “Promotional Tab”. It’s kind of stuff that people usually get annoyed with. Always prefer to segment your lists first before sending promotional emails. Try to make your offer clear and create a sense of urgency while keeping it short.

3.   Testimonial Email

This shows your subscribers what feedback you are receiving from your customers. Ask your subscribers to give you feedback and create a beautiful email which highlights the points appreciating your brand. Use graphics and images. Choose clients you have great engagement with. You can either send them an email or just give them a call asking for a short and sweet testimonial.

 4.   Newsletter Email

This is to inform customers about company news, improve brand awareness and build a relationship with your audience.  An email newsletter is an email which is sent out either regularly, or just once, and it can be in HTML or plain text format. Infact number of newspapers have moved from sending traditional newspapers to digital media i.e. email newsletters. You need a clean list before sending email newsletters as there can be many invalid email addresses. Keep updating your database with subscriptions and unsubscriptions.

 5.   New Inventory Email

Whenever a new product is launched in your company, such emails are sent in which images and introduction about the product is given. You update the customers and also hopes for the sale. You must send the new inventory email as soon as the item arrives. These types of emails are more about photos than text. So you really need to work on the photos of the product. Always convey your point in the subject line itself. Be sure to tell your customers that you’ve got something new and fun for them to check out.

 6.   Educational Email

This provides customers with industry knowledge and your product knowledge. It helps builds relationship between your customer and your business. You can send your blog posts to your subscribers or use other articles as well from different websites which you think will be suitable to send to your subscribers. The best way to do that is to teach them something. However, you want to teach them something that has a connection to your business.  You send less and let your customers decide if they want to read more by clicking on READ MORE option which will direct them the blog.

 7.   Survey Email

Last but not the least, send survey emails to your customers. It will help you to collect helpful information you can use to improve the customer experience. You’ll have to spend time creating the survey and writing an email with a link to the survey. If you want a customer to take the time to fill out a survey, you need to give them a reason. You can offer an incentive to fill out the survey form. Beside this, you should give them reason why you want this information.  Whether you’re trying to improve your business or conducting product research, which is the case in the example above, let your customers know.

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