5 Nasty First Sentence To Begin Your Email

Nasty first sentence

“The First impression is the “last impression”.

The same thing applies in the case of email marketing.

We can say opening the line can be the first impression of your email and a lame opening line could sabotage the entire email.  

Here I am mentioning few opening lines that are the flop, tossed them from your email opening line and doubled your response rate.

Check out the first sentences you should never you unless you want a buyer to delete your email or mark it as a spam.

My name is…..

In the professional world, people aren’t that interested in name as names are one of the hardest things to remember. That means starting emails with “My name is James Harvard and I’m a digital marketer at ABC,” will hardly attract your subscribers.

Plus, it doesn’t make any sense to mention your name in the opening line because if prospects want to figure out your name they will find out by looking at “From” field or email signature.

You don’t need to beat around the bushes, your recipients will appreciate if you quickly get to the point.

I work for…..

Starting your message with “I work for so and so” is worse than starting with your name. It seems you’ve rehearsed for this line and it not only looks unoriginal but it is like you are trying to sell something.

Telling the prospect which organization you represent can be useful; for instance, if the company is well-known, or if you’ve met the buyer before and this detail will help to jog their memory.

Did you get what you are looking for?

Sales representatives sometimes use this line to attract leads who downloaded a certain content, visited a website, or a site page. The good thing about this line is – it does attract leads, as you’re contacting the buyer right at the moment when they’d like to be contacted by the sales team.

But the bad thing about this line is – it’s vague. What does it mean when you mentioned – ” find what you’re looking for ” It’s not necessary that what you are talking about is exactly what your subscribers are looking for.

Be specific so that your buyer knows exactly what you’re referring or talking about.

Here are some examples:

  • Are you looking for our Plans & Pricing?
  • Do you feel ready to start a marketing campaign after going through our tutorial?

The more specific you get, the easier it will be to start off a productive conversation.

Hope you are doing fine

This line might seem fine- after all who will be offended by the sentiment?

But in a professional email, your prospect will probably stop reading before the end of the line, because no one has enough time to read your greeting and they directly want to come straight to the point.

Instead of using this line, get straight into your message. Not only it will you save precious space, but you’ll also have a better chance of catching the buyer’s attention.

I’ve been thinking

This opening line gives the feeling that it going to be a lengthy message isn’t it? And to be honest, your dear ones care about what you’ve been thinking not your prospect. And in fact you should never start an email by talking about yourself, your focus should be to get your prospect attention.

So rather than starting with “I’ve been thinking” invert the statement. For example,

“I’ve been thinking about your recent marketing strategy that….”

“Your recent marketing strategy got me thinking….”


Forming a good first impression with new leads can be tricky but above mentioned five points hopefully help you out in drafting an email.

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