7 Ideas for Your Holiday Email Marketing


As Christmas bells are around, our to-do lists and shopping lists are ready. Our minds are ready to be full of joy. It is the time of the year when you can afford more effort than usual.
This is the best time for marketers also to boost up their email campaigns and thus increasing their sales ratio.
You can fulfill your dream of being Santa Claus by providing your customers with something that they have always wanted, giving them that warm and cozy holiday feeling by letting them know how very special they are to you.

Check out these ideas to start your Holiday Email Marketing:

  • Early Preparation​​

Start your preview sale before the holiday season begins. Encourage your regular and current customers to bring up their friends as well. The best idea is to release a convenient way to sign up your email list so that you can send them the offers you are going to release in the holidays later.


  • Design a Beautiful Template

Your emails must look beautiful and attractive especially when Christmas bells are around. It must entice the readers to open up the email and even click on it. Attracting some eyeballs in Christmas season is manageable with the help of Email templates. Include videos and other design aspects like greetings, animated gifs, social media interactions etc.

  • Get data insights of the previous Christmas

Take note of what you did last year. Review and learn what worked, what didn’t and how you improve your email marketing skills this year. Look out what your competitors did last year? What are they most likely to do this year? Is your plan better than that of your competitors? Take into account their strengths and weaknesses and perform better!

  • Create a strategy and set measurable goals

Build a strong strategy with the definite goal with what you want to achieve from the campaign. This will help you to analyze the success of your campaigns and how you should improve it on the next year. Set your goals what traffic and leads you expect from a particular campaign.


  • Responsive design is a must

Your emails must be readable on any device. Mobile and tablet friendly emails are no longer a recommendation; it is now absolutely critical for marketers to include these options.

  • Target appropriately

With email marketing, marketers can segment and target their customers with ease. Email marketing works more efficiently because you are sending out targeted messages to the right audience, which can be based on their preferences, location, local market conditions and other influences.

  • Promote Exciting Offers

Put yourself in Santa’s shoes as Christmas campaigns are not only about selling but also the best moment for gathering customer feedback, sending e-cards,  video greetings, gifts, free shipping and returns and other unique offers. Promote them on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc as well.


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