When selecting new email services it is very important to check what your email provider offers the tools for tracking website visitors and automatically adding email campaigns with google analytics campaign tracking – it’s very difficult otherwise. One of the features that every email marketing campaign management software makes available is the functionality to track email open rates.  It measures that how many people have opened or read, your blast from your email marketing campaign.

1.      OPEN RATE:

  • Open rate tells us that how many people on an email list view a specific email campaign. 
  •  The open rate is expressed as a %, and we calculate it as follows: If 10 emails are delivered and 2 of them are opened, then our campaigns ‘open rate is 20%.  

2.      CLICK RATE:

  • Your click-through rate is the number of unique individuals who click on one or more links in your e-mail expressed as a percentage of total tracked opens. 

3.      BOUNCES: 

  • A ‘bounce’ means that your email was sent to a specific address, but the mail server that received the email for that person has sent it back, saying it could not be delivered.
  •  There are quite a few different reasons that might happen, and we can divide them into two main categories: SOFT and HARD bounce.


  • If you are selling a product or service, the ultimate measure of the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign is how many of those subscribers converted to a sale or lead.


  • The Landing Pages report shows you which pages are greeting your website visitors.  
  • The landing pages are often the first experience a visitor has with your website. 


  •  It is a metric like – a calculation that tells that how much revenue your email marketing efforts are generating per message


  •  The Unsubscribe Rate, or the number of unsubscribes divided by the number of messages delivered.

Unsubscribe Rate = unsubscribes / messages delivered