6 Types of Email Marketers Must know

Digital Marketing is a wide aspect so let’s talk about its important part that is email Marketing and the tips of designing beautiful emails. An effective email design plays a very important role during the launch of a campaign or organizing an event.

Dedicated Event Invitation Email


Email can be a great medium for promoting an upcoming event. Event might be related with new product launch, educational event, and many more. If we want to make this event successful, we should try to attract more and more customers. So it is very important to showcase your event effective, how it is beneficial for your clients and why they should participate in this event. Try to make the event more visual with catching headlines, effective images and hitting content. You must have the dedicated send to reach the customers mind, and let them think about this event, a great opportunity.

Social Media and Newsletters Send


Social media is playing a good role to reach the direct target audience with this email? If you’re making good use of LinkedIn Groups or Google+ Events, email has big reach with social media.
Face book is more B2C, while LinkedIn, Google+ are more B2B. These are the only medium, where we can directly hit the target audience. LinkedIn highly important place, to invite the direct audience with same industry or relevant industry so highlight your subject, clear your thoughts, with visual appeal in short paragraphs.
Do you maintain a business blog in your website or publish article. Blog or article could reach to customer only when if it is appealing with proper headlines with eye catching image and interesting content. Don’t use heavy emails, just use simple format with more visual effects, dedicated to clients.

Leads Targeting Emails


Depending upon the requirement a strategy should be followed. If it is related with creating awareness then it should be different, or if it is related with lead generation then it should be different. Lead generation e- mail contains a no. of connected mails containing effective and quality content directed to target audience.
First of all we collect the whole data and Shoot the male. The main purpose of this mail is to create awareness. After shooting mail you will get the response only from those persons who are   interested for your product or service. now this is the time when you can filter the data, and can send the mail again related more information about your product  only  interested ones and  can follow up to those interested client with more targeted content.
Other very important things to keep in mind when you run a lead generation campaigns, there must be proper planning, target segmentation, and timing of your nurturing emails.

Confirmation Email


Automatic confirmation email provides a great satisfaction to the client because this confirmation email assures the function. If we book a movie ticket online, register for an event, shop online, we make online transaction. If after the transaction we are not getting any confirmation email, then how we could we assure? So these confirmation mails show your responsibility about your service and make your customers more loyal for you.
Confirmation emails should keep simple carrying brief information related with process.

Welcome Email


The welcome email is the great option for thanking and providing more information to people who have signed up for your product related information.
The welcome email includes the specific features about your product what you are offering. It usually shows how your product is different from other offerings in the market and also highlights the value. So this mail plays an important role to hit the target audience about your product. If you’re going to welcome new users to a product or service, then this email is a great opportunity to acknowledge to this client about your products how this works and how clients should use it?

Form Submission feedback or (Thank-You) Email


Whenever a client fills a query form on your website or on landing page, a thank you email should automatically be generated after the submission the form. This thank you email should be generated only when the client has submitted the form after filling the required area correctly. These thank you emails shows your promise, gratitude and dedication to your client and also store the information in the inbox.
This thank you email plays a very important role for having a free trial of an e-book because it contains all the instruction related with download.


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