6 Threats Lurking Email Marketing

​Despite the rise of mobile and the oversized emphasis on social marketing, email has remained an incredibly useful and effective marketing tool, often delivering much better ROI (Return On Investment) than other types of media. It works because it gives you an opportunity to stay top-of-mind for people who have already done business with you or expressed some level of affinity.

In spite of so many benefits from Email Marketing, yet there are few things that threatens Email Marketing.

Here, I am sharing few frightening remarks for Email Marketing.

  1.  Evil-doer : Purchasing of email list
Technically illegal, many Good ESPs prohibit sending emails to purchased lists. Unless you want to have a HUGE amount of people annoyed with your company and marketing you as spam, avoid this strategy by all cost.
  2.  Is your data worth?
There are right and wrong ways to build your email marketing list. If you build your list the wrong way, you not only open yourself to legal issues, but you will also severely decrease your chances for success. If you build it the right way you will see higher open rates, higher click through rates, higher conversions, higher customer loyalty, lower spam reporting and lower unsubscribe rates.
It’s important for marketers to clean their databases regularly and ensure that all of their data is up-to-date and accurate. Failing to do so can result in a waste of time and resources.


  ​3.  Content: Red Flag Words
There are many spam filters available today and they are becoming increasingly popular. Amongst other methods, one of the major criteria these applications use to determine spam is body text. There are certain words which are called “Spammy words” if used too often in your content, then it can be transferred to spam folders. Few of them are: ‘free’, ‘bonus’, ‘special’, ‘discount’, ‘accept credit cards’, ‘50% off’, ‘apply online’, ‘congratulations’ , ‘click below’ etc.
A simple way of doing this is to open an email account at Gmail, send your marketing emails and newsletters to that address and see if your mail is shifted to the bulk mail folder when sent to that address.

  4.  Gmail Filtering
After introduction of filters by Gmail, marketing agencies held in great loss. Emails were significantly sorted in main primary inbox, social and promotion sections. And emails with spammy words were relegated in junk folder. This filtering by Gmail moved marketing messages further away from recipients eyeballs. 
  5.  Unsubscription Rate
There is a start-up named ‘Unroll.me’ which makes it easy to ‘unsubscribe’ from emails though it really just pushes them to a folder where users won’t see and interact with them. So the person remains in your database but never sees your emails, messing with your open rate.

  ​6.  Emergence of Chat
After great evolution in technology industry, young generation prefer chatting over lethargic and time-consuming emails which can be another intimidating remark for the future of Email Marketing Platform. Now there are many chat messengers like ‘Whatsapp’, ‘Facebook Messenger’, ‘WeChat’ and many others which are threatening the time spent on mail box and will continue to do so.

Can you think of other threats?

If you can think of other frightening remarks for Email Marketing, then please do comment and share in the comment section.


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