6 Email Marketing Habits Good to Break


Before you start email marketing practices, it important for you to understand why they work and same if you discontinue any practices you must know why it didn’t work and what can be done to rectify it.

In today’s cut-throat competition email landscape, you need to know what is working for you and what is not and in order to know that you need to perform a test to find out what drives your recipients to open and click your emails.

Running test will help you to improvise your email marketing strategy that ultimately helps you to stand out in your readers’ inboxes.

In this article, we’ll explore a number of commonly overlooked email marketing habits you should start experimenting with to find out the best strategy for your company.

  1. You always use the same sender name                                                                 How to Break: Get friendly with from name                                                     Don’t always use a single username, get friendly with your form name, don’t limit yourself to only sending emails from your company name or from one team member. Using friendly ‘from’ can increase open rates. For example, instead of simply sending an email from the name of your company you can try something like ‘your name’_ at ‘company name’.                                                                                                   You must ensure that your email marketing activities do not violate the CAN-SPAM act. Your ‘from or header information’ cannot be misleading or false. However, there are many ways your organization can make changes that improve the result.                         
  2. Your preview text is auto-populated                                                                      How to Break: Optimize your preview text                                                           If your email server supports preview text then optimize it for every email to create eye-catching preheader. The proper use of this white space helps you to stand out in your recipient’s overcrowded inbox by grabbing their attention.                           Though it takes some code, the use of this space will help you stand out from others who do not go to the same lengths to make theirs unique.                                                                                      
  3. You treat your subject line too literally                                                                 How to Break: Create a subject line that is visually attractive                         Your subject line is one of the vital factors that will attract people to open your email. Write copy that visually attract your subscribers.                                                   What makes subscriber open your email? Is it caps lock text? Numbers? Personalization? Text design?                                                                                   To catch someone’s attention, it’s important to consider how your subject line appears to your visitors.                                                                                                   Your subject line should reflect the content of your message i.e. just by reading headline one should get an idea about the body (content) of the message. It’s important to draft a subject line as creatively as possible. Test small changes to see what grab your audience attention and continue with the best.                                                      
  4. Copy of your Email is too professional and boring                                                How to Break: Develop a distinct style of writing                                      Whether you use a certain style of humor or a certain design of font, a well-drafted message allows readers to connect with your organization on a human-to-human level. In a time of technological advancement, your organization’s tone of voice can help you to maintain human touch.                                                                                        An organization should consider their brand as an independent person, write about the thing that you care, and have an emotional connection. When you approach your communication under this lens, you’re bound to create content that doesn’t just deliver a message but also forms a connection.                                                                        
  5. You’re focused on Content                                                                                      How to Break: Give attention to design too                                                          If the content is a king then the design is a Queen.                                                       You should not only focus on content your focus should be on design as well. Your content could be strong and interesting but if your design does not have the ability to share your email you are holding your content back. According to Bernadette Jiwa, author of Marketing: A Love Story, “Growth hacking is really the practice of creating and leveraging word-of-mouth with intention.”                                                               She continues, “Growth hackers optimize their business to acquire new customers by first delighting one customer and then making it easy for that customer to share the store with friends.”                                                                                                     
  6. For you, it’s only about yourself                                                                             How to Break: It’s not always about you                                                             To become a brand that people connect with, you need to add value to each person’s life by doing more than just keeping them updated on your latest deals and features.

Design a cadence that is not related to your sales but related to your organization’s core values and culture. This will help you to grow a loyal audience who are passionate about you and not just what you are selling.

For example, you can send messages to let your users know about upcoming concerts in their area. It’s for nothing but creating a valuable experience for a customer.                       


If you are not regularly experimenting with your strategy in this competitive email landscape, your strategy will soon become stable and your growth stagnant.



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