6 Awesome Tips for Effective Inbound Marketing


With effective outbound marketing, inbound marketing is also leading the way to generate traffic and increase conversion rate. Infact, with time, the entry cost to inbound marketing is getting cheaper and more cost effective. By following proper tactics and tips, you can gain much more traffic from inbound marketing than from outbound marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is next to content marketing. It is about creating and sharing your content with the world. Inbound marketing results organic search traffic and attracts customers. Inbound marketing is the best approach for today’s businesses, whether B2B, B2C, e-commerce, SaaS, tech, non-tech, brick-and-mortar or otherwise.

Here I am sharing few tips for effective Inbound Marketing which you can use to grow your business.

Let us have a look!!


1.   Create a Blog

Your blog receives maximum traffic as compared to other pages on your site. All you need to do is create a blog section and update it frequently. Create valuable and educational blog posts and update on daily basis. You can also allow guest blogging. Guests blogging is an ideal form of marketing for so many reasons like powerful linkbacks, bigger audience and powerful brand building. Above all, marketing your own content is much more value than marketing other’s content which increases your website rank.

2.   Outsource your content

Just like blogging, you should also outsource your content and writings to other websites as well. There are a number of websites which accepts guests post written by people who are experts in their field. Good ranking websites will help you gain popularity and generate leads. Try to interact with audience and establish yourself as a thought leader.

3.  Use social media to drive traffic

We all know the power of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and others. Currently, there are 2.03 billion people who are active on social media ad are online 2-3 hours per day. This gives businessman an incredible channel to drive traffic and find new customers. Social publishing allows you to share valuable information on the social web, engage with your prospects, and achieve popularity. You can target your social network according to your ideal buyer.


4.   Use SEO tactics

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. One of the most important features of SEO, however, is the power of keywords. You need to properly optimize your site to increase your website ranking and get more traffic. The first one is to create incredible content that earns likes. Use specific keywords related to your content. Have a competitor analysis and set goals. Your focus must on on ROI more than keyword rankings. Create SEO strategy that maps to an audience. Do not forget to optimize for Yahoo, Bing and others.

5.   Publish reviews

Ask your customers to share as many reviews and feedback as they can. Publish some of the reviews on your website and social media to attract new customers. This is the best way to gain people’s confidence in your work ie by testimonials from people who have experience with your product and brand. You can use social media platforms too to do so. Like if someone has recommended you on LinkedIn then publish it to your other social network profiles. Or you can retweet your flattering tweets and comments. Publish your clients best reviews on social media or send testimonials.


6.   Provide free guides related to your business

Guides generate maximum traffic when it comes to cost which is free. It provides rock solid knowledge but make sure that guide is relevant to your business. Keep your guide as specific as possible because you are using it to gain a certain type of visitor. Try to make your guide at least of 1000 words and title it relevant to the content provided inside that with enticing tags.

​Over To You:

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