5 Tips To Run Email Marketing Campaign Like a Pro

Email Marketing Campaign


Digital Marketing strategies have been reaching heights in this era. Also, email marketing is still among the most reliable tool used by marketers. Its scope is boundless. The quality of communication with your prospects and your customers can get you closer to that nirvana of people actually looking forward to your message. Enormous campaigns are run by email marketers but are all campaigns beneficial?


Here are some tips to run your Email Marketing Campaign like a Pro.

      1.  Importance of Subject Line

There is no secret to crafting subject lines that will guarantee you opens and clicks. The subject line is like the soul and heart to the campaign. If it fails, the entire campaign fails. Despite any kind of business involved, your subject line must compel the users to open up the mail.


2.  Broad Segmentation
It is all well and good persuading subscribers to share their email address with you but if you’re not segmenting your email address lists, you’re not optimizing your email marketing campaigns to their full potential.
Segmentation is the difference between blasting mass messages to a whole list and mailing targeted, promotional emails to individual groups. With segmentation, you’re likely to increase sales and engagements with your customers. It engages customers on a personal level and makes the customer feel ‘special’.


3. A visible and clear Call-To-Action
Call to action is an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response. Don’t underestimate the importance of word choice in your call to action. The words in your call to action provide the necessary direction for subscribers to follow through with an action. Use action-inducing words, keep it short and be relatable.


4. Personalized Mails

As a marketer, you already know that personalization can win big wins in email marketing. Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. But what if you don’t have information about your subscribers?

While running a campaign, it becomes difficult to personalize each email. Marketers want to personalize, but they don’t believe they have the tools to do so. They’re unsure how to segment their database, integrate personalization into their strategy and ultimately use it drive more successful email marketing campaigns.


5. Perform Split Testing

Split or A/B Testing is the process in which you compare two web pages with different content and to see which one performs better. The one that gives the better conversion rate, wins!
This marketing methodology is frequently used to test changes to sign up forms, registration pages, calls to action or any other parts of a website where a measurable goal can be improved.


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