5 Best Practices for Survey Emails


Survey emails basically involves a questionnaire that is used to measure the characteristics and attitude of people towards your business/brand. It helps to measure the entire target population that is really interested in your brand. You can use various tools for creating survey forms which will help you to save time and money.

The most popular and effective way to conduct a survey is by distributing  invitation via emails. You must follow some of the best practices to gain maximum survey from submissions through your email invitation.

Here I am sharing few tactics to follow for survey emails.

 1.   Compelling Subject Line

Simply using subject lines like – “We want your feedback”, “Fill this survey form” or “What do you think about us” etc will never work. Trust me, it’s already predictable what is inside the email. Using such subject lines, you will get the lowest open rate. The best way to get your survey email open is to offer them something like something % off on this product after completing the survey or may be You need to focus on the subject line in much familiar way which may entice the customers at the greatest extent.

Some of them can be:

  • Complete the survey and Get 20%
  • This is to ask you, Do you like us?
  • Your experience with us can be improved.
  • 2 Minutes Survey to Open Your Best Deal.
2.   Mention Purpose of the Survey

The percentage of answers increases if you give them a good reason for responding and explain why it is vital that they respond. Your subscribers are already busy with their work so do not annoy them by sending out large email surveys. Make it short and specific and clear out your intentions at the beginning. Thank the recipient in advance for their participation and assure confidentiality of their responses. Try to include a deadline for completing the survey.

3.   Do not adhere to CAN-SPAM ACT

Whether it is a transactional email or promotional or survey, the most important thing to keep in mind is CAN-SPAM ACT. By any means, no one should adhere this act otherwise you may find yourself in trouble. Few steps you should keep in mind while following CAN-SPAM ACT :-

  • Always use accurate information like “From” to “Reply-To”, including the domain name and email address.
  • Valid your email by sharing your location with complete postal address.
  • Never forget to use UNSUBSCRIBE BUTTON at the bottom.
4.   Set Expectations

After clearing out the purpose of your survey, let them also know how long will it take them to take that survey. Use precise information like “This survey only takes 5 minutes of your time”. Respondents who don’t have time may opt to “Take the survey later”. Whatever you do, mention a specific date to complete that survey.
 5.   Responsive Survey Forms

As we know, maximum of emails are opened through mobile device so make sure that your survey form must be responsive. Any person would not specifically open their laptops to fill out any survey form. So make sure that you use mobile-friendly survey software, and don’t be afraid to make your subscribers aware of this within your survey email.


Do you have more ideas to conduct better survey emails? Please share in comment section below.


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