4 New Trending Social Media Tools for 2017


Technology has already driven us to the all new era with so many automated features. Every year new tools and technology are adopted in market and industries looking for ways to increase growth and sales. It is really hard to believe that many years ago, social media was never seen  such an important marketing technology. And now maximum industries are dependent on social media only.

As the new year begins, I am sharing with you some of the latest social media tools that are trending in 2017 and can boost up your sales.

Read on…

 1.   Goofy

Goofy is an app associated with Apple’s Macintosh platform and is totally free to download. It allows users to stay connected with their friends and family right from their desktop without having to have all the distractions of the full website open in a web browser. Best of all, it’s probably pretty close to what you can expect Facebook to release if they ever do launch an OS X client for Messenger. This app can be considered as an modified version of the web app Messenger for Facebook.

 2.   OneShot

It is again a free tool for iOS. To start with this app, you can take a screenshot any article on your Apple phone and that will save to your mobile phone’s library. Then you can use the OneShot app to crop the image at any particular section that you want to share with friends or Twitter followers. After cropping the image, you can even highlight the distinct sections/points of the image with any color you want. For highlighting, you just need to drag your finger on that important section.

 3.  Legend

Legend is an app available on both Android and iOS platform for free. This app is used to turn your normal looking text into stunning animations. Your words are expressed in motions. It has 20 amazing text animation styles and supports emoji. You can save video, or animated GIF and share video on Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Facebook. Your text can be upto 100 characters.

4.   Paletton

Paletton lets you choose one base color for the layout, and then it displays various similar shades in small boxes that match your chosen color. With Paletton, you can then share the color palette by generating a link for it. Having the right colors on your content and social media branding is important. Paletton makes the process simple by automatically correcting your colors to match a theme. Use this tool to choose the right palette for your business so that your images are eye-catching and consistent. This can be compared to your existing website with hex numbers available.

I hope you find these social media marketing tools useful to your strategy. Are there any that you would like to add as well?


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