Avoid these 3 Mistakes for an Effective Email Marketing

Effective Email Marketing

It’s in human psychology that you carefully check your candy before you open it, right? You take any sweets that look weird or suspicious get chucked in the trash. Well, the trash is also where marketing emails that are effectively designed targeted the wrong audience and at the wrong timing

But if you treat the people who receive them — your potential customers — to relevant, carefully- curated messages that resonate with them and, able to tell those your offerings have the solution of their pain point to gauge the interest in your products and services. Means that you are making your email marketing campaign an effective as far as hitting your targets out of email marketing are concerned.

Here are three freakish email marketing fails to avoid:

1. ‘Defaced’ Design


Don’t haunt your email campaigns with scary-over bright, stale stock photos or outdated images. Bhishm Singh, director at Sales-Push.com email marketing solutions provider, suggests that bring your brand story to life by opting energetic, eye-catching images of your products and services in email marketing campaigns.For online clothing retailer should excel at this, for example. The company emails its subscribers, has to be visually-appealing emails like playful pictures of their newest fashions with links to where to buy each item on their website. The company’s well-balanced email designs should be consistent with their online store content, which can have a welcoming effect on subscribers. You bet your audience will love for this.

If you’re in the intention of getting a prefab template that you can quickly customize with your company’s logo and colors, consider choosing an email marketing solution providers like MailChimp or Sales-Push.com. They offer wide selections of free, professionally-designed templates don’t require HTML.

2. Extremely Bad Frequency


Sweet candy several times a day is too much. So is emailing subscribers multiple times a day. It keeps increasing the gap between you and your audience.Let your audience decide when and how often they would like to receive emails from you. You can do this by allowing them to choose if they’d like to get messages from you daily, weekly or monthly when they subscribe via your online signup form.

“Match your frequency according to your consumers’ preferences”.  Doing so will help you to increase the perceived value of your audience.

3. ‘Freaky’ irrelevance


Weird, irrelevant emails that aren’t geographically targeted and correctly personalized send the message it’s like hitting the arrow in the dark in hope of it might fetch results. You bet it doesn’t work at all.

Instead, take the time upfront, again, during initial subscriber signup, to ask people what kinds of topics they’d like to receive an email about. Then segment your email lists to tailor certain messages to certain groups. If you notice a large group of people leaving specific types of messages unopened or unsubscribing to your list after a particular series of messages, it’s likely that your emails are off-target.

Hence, above are the 3 freaking mistakes which you being a marketer should not be doing. There are email marketing providers available in the market like Sales-Push.com, MailChimp and others, that has the proven efficiency for execution of an effective email marketing campaign as far as design – test – send – analytics are concerned which will lead to a better understanding of the behavior of your readers and taking the corrective actions as per the reports of the campaigns stating.


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