11 Factors To Consider While Choosing Email Service Provider

Email service provider

These days, there are plenty of options for Email Service Providers with the increase in the Email Marketing Technology. It becomes back-breaking for selecting the best Email Service Provider for your email marketing campaigns. So what your opinion for selecting the best ESP for your small-medium business? Do you look for the pricing or for the one who provides the best templates or any other factor?

Usually, people go for the combination of the above factors. And the wiser choice is to look out for few factors which are described below.
It includes the points which can be thought of as a marketer for your ESP.


1.    Email Deliverability 

The first step for any email marketing campaign is ASSURED DELIVERABILITY. By deliverability, I meant inbox delivery and not spam. If your emails are delivered to the junk folder then certainly your email marketing campaign goes in vain. There are several factors which are responsible for email deliverability.

  • Good Sender Reputation
  • Spammy words
  • Double Opt-In Subscription
  • Sending Frequency
  • Domain Authentication

For more information on Email Deliverability, visit my another blog 11-tips-for-increasing-email-deliverability

Firstly look for the email deliverability assurance before choosing ESP.

2.    Ample collection of templates

In this fast-moving scenario, everybody looks out for more shortcuts to save time. Hence one looks for an ESP who have a rich collection of email templates with different variety and motive which saves your time in building the email from scratch. Those templates should serve different purposes according to the brand and can be customized using drag and drop options if required.


3.    Mobile friendly emails

These days mobile acts like a mini laptop. More than 50% emails are opened on mobile devices. Do not go for an ESP which is not mobile friendly. With the increasing trend in smartphones, people are more dependent on mobile devices rather than laptops for emails. Also, look out for the templates which are mobile-friendly so that building a mobile email can be stress-free.

4.    Reasonable sending limits and unlimited options
There is no limit for your growing email list. It can be in hundreds, thousands or lakhs. Just imagine you have set all the background stuff for your campaign from tip to toe and at the last moment, you are unable to send the campaign just because of the sending limit that has been set by the email software. Try to look for an email software which has different plans with different sending limits. Taking this approach will help you scale your email, so you’re making a smart investment with high ROI based on business size.
Thus, when you are beginning with your campaign look out for the ESP who has viable plans on months basis with unlimited sending or offers plans on the basis of contacts. For information on sending limits with prices, you can visit here http://www.sales-push.com/emailpush-pricing

5.    Powerful email builder

You need an email builder which is easy to use and intuitive with easy drag and drop options. There should be customization options like color, text, font, size, logo etc. Addition of CTA buttons, spacers, text, images etc is a must to have.

6.    Flexible Pricing

Your email list can be in any range according to the motive behind your running email marketing campaign and the segmentation of data. It can be in thousands or it can increase to millions.  You need email software that can grow with you and can help keep your costs low and the return on your investments high (all while still delivering the functionality you need.) Look for an email tool that can scale and grow with your business that has flexible pricing with low, medium, and enterprise tiers.

For our pricing details, you can visit here  www.sales-push.com/emailpush-pricing.html

7.    Advanced Features of Email Marketing

With ubiquity in Email Marketing, advanced features are must-to-have for running email marketing campaigns. These advanced narrow down your workload and makes things automated and more transparent with detailed analytics. This helps to generate more ROI and with detailed reporting, you get to know which option and what action is required for your email marketing campaign to generate leads. Some of these advanced features are:

  • Geo Location Feature
  • Automation
  • Device Specification
  • Google Analytics and Social Integration
  • Web Tracking
  • Social Integration and Sharing
  • Open Read Trends
  • Advanced List Segmentation

Fortunately, all these features are included in our Intelligent Email Marketing Platform SalesPush. For more details on Advanced Features involved in SalesPush, do have a look at advanced-features-involved-in-sales-pushcom

8.    SPAM Testing

What if you run an email marketing campaign, and all your emails went into the junk folder? TERRIBLE SENSE OF LOSS..!! This is why spam testing is a must before running your email marketing campaign.  This also gives you an insight into how your email will look to your subscribers on both, mobile devices and desktop screen. You can even go for A/B Split testing.

9.    Report Analytics

With this feature, email marketers can track their subscriber’s activity across the website pages with email campaign: who, when and how. It clearly describes the website analytics through email campaign including clickstream pattern.  It is good to also have Google Analytics in an ESP. This is an important feature, as without results one will never grow and will never come to know what response are they getting.


10.  Integrations and plugins
 Its very important to interact with other business applications as well, like CRM, eCommerce or CMS. Integrated such applications result in hyper-targeted, personalized and highly relevant to your customers based on their preferences.


11.  24/7 Technical Support

Look out for an ESP who provides 24/7 technical support. As from time to time you need help in working with the email marketing campaigns, especially at the initial phase. Do look out for few things like how long do they take to respond back, or do they have online troubleshooting resources or additional support resources.


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